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Iai/Jodo British Nationals 2014

On the 31st May and 1st of June Kenyukan went to Stevenage to take part in the Open British Nationals! In total we were able to get 5 medals for Iaido and 2 for Jodo. The first winner was Martin Clark, getting bronze in the Rokudan category and also got the best spirit medal aswell.MartinAward












Next David Parker won gold for Iaido Sandan, Bronze for Nidan Jodo and a medal for the team event!













Brian Trott won best spirit for Yodan. Chris manfield stated that he never had to worry about brian he always knew that he killed his opponent with his cuts.













And lastly one of our newest members took home bronze for the Modan category in his first ever Taikai.













It was a great day for all, we all enjoyed ourselves learning and meeting the other students from around Britian and catching up. We finished the day with this great group photo with Edward from the other Kenyukan who joined David and Tecwyn in the Iaido team competition.



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