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European Iaido Championships 2015

This years Iaido Championships took place in Berlin, Germany ( This year the British team came away with 3 Bronzes in 3rd dan/4th dan/6th danand a fighting spirit.

It was a wonderful event; we got to learn plenty of useful things on Iai from three top quality Sensei (Takashige YAMAZAKI, Saitama prefecture. Junichi KUSAMA, Niigata prefecture. Yoshinobu AZUMA, Oita prefecture) and to compete at the top level of Iai in Europe, as well as bond even closer with the GB team and European practitioners.

I would like to thank Chris Chrisdrac Weber for these fantastic pictures from the event.DSC0829612184292_10100446670767225_323509802098012370_oDSC09353DSC08708DSC09267DSC09315