Kenyukan Suffolk

Established since 1998


Saho (etiquette)

Before I begin I should clarify that the word dojo refers to, both a club and also the training hall. References to etiquette “in the dojo” mean while in the training hall. We are a relatively informal club, but still there are many rules of etiquette traditionally observed in the dojo. You may feel that these seem strange at first but you will soon find them becoming natural and fitting.

The purpose of following good etiquette is to demonstrate respect for your sword, your teacher, your fellow students and your club. After all, if you don’t respect these things then you are spending your time in an activity you don’t respect, and what does that say about you? Correct observance of etiquette means, in the end, that you respect yourself.

Outside of the Dojo

Outside of the village hall

Side view of the village hall.

Side view of the village hall.