Kenyukan Suffolk

Established since 1998

Items of Clothing

Gi (Top) and Hakama (Bottom). Picture from Ninecircles.

Gi (Top) and Hakama (Bottom). Picture from Ninecircles.

Enbu Gi Display/ Demonstraction clothes
Hakama Wide pleated trousers
Haori Over jacket
Hera Peg inside rear of hakama
Himo Cord or lace
Keiko Gi Training Jacket
Kesa Lapel/ part of monks costume hanging from left shoulder
Koshiita Board at the back of the hakama
Matadachi Split at side of hakama
Montsuki Wide sleeve top with mon on chest, sleeve and back
Obi Belt
Sode Sleeve
Tabi Formal soft footwear for general use and in dojo
Zekken Chest patch embroidered with own name, dojo name, nationality, etc
Zouri Sandals for use outside the dojo designed to be slipped onto either bare fett or over tabi