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Parts of the Sword


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This list is by no means complete. There are many more details each with their own names.

Boshi Curve leading to the kissaki
Kissaki Point
Fuchi Gane Metal band around tuskua next to the tsuba
Tsuba Hand Guard
Ha Cutting edge
Habaki Collar (usally copper) reinforcing
Hamon Line of tempered section
Hanami Cutting line of sword (from mune to ha)
Hasuji Pointing line of sword (from mune machi to kassaki)
Hi Grooves
Hira Face of blade from shinogi to hamon
Hitoe Top of tang which meets mune at mune machi
Kashira End of tsuka
Katahaba Measure of thickest part of the blade
Koiguchi Open end of saya
Kojiri Closed end of saya
Kurigata Device on saya through which the sagei passes through
Mei Signature on tang
Mekugi Bamboo pin through tsuka
Mekugi Ana  Hole through which mekugi passes
 Menuki  Decoractions under tsuka ito to aid grip
 Monouchi  Cutting part (approx. 6 inch section up to kissaki)
 Mune  Back edge of blade
 Mune Machi  ‘step’ at end of mune where the blade meets the habaki
 Nagasa  Measure of the length of the blade from kissaki to mune machi in a straight line
 Nakago  Tang
 Nakago Jiri  end of tang
 Sageo  Cord, ties into hakama himo
 Same  Ray skin under tsuka ito
 Saya  Scabbard
 Seppa  Washers either side of the tsuba
 Shinogi  Ridge at widest point along blade
 Shinogi Ji  Face of blade from shinogi to mune
 Sori  Measure of the curve of the blade, measured from the mune to the nagasa line at the deepest point
Tsuka ito/Maki ito  Tsuba binding
 Yasuri Mei  File marks left on the rang